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At one time double, triple and quadruple negatives were allowed. And the more negatives you used, the more negative your message was. It makes sense to me.

One of the cures for writer’s block is writing about it. Or at least it was for me. I also sent out a few e-mails right after blogging two weeks ago. All of that seems to have loosened up the pipes. Or it’s just totally idiosyncratic. Since most of me and what I do is idiosyncratic, we’ll go with that.

The Duck Duck Go search engine is not only absolutely without peer, it’s also my new dictionary. When a word doesn’t look right, I cut and paste it in the search box. In nanoseconds I get this polite little question in blue that says: Did you mean xxxx? Where xxxx is the word I’d been trying to spell but was so far off. I swear I couldn’t hit Godzilla in a fat suit for spelling.

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