that’s the new devotion to outlines is boring and painful. The neurosis has to extend to characters, also. If you want to know why, I’ll do it at a later date or you can ask me: Why?


The new process includes a character outline that details things like background, motivation, what they value, how they speak and their favorite gestures. That’s one set of pages. The other set of pages is the short story that needs revision. And that’s the problem.


Boring and painful: I look at my character outline, firmly get them into my working thoughts, and start changing the story based on that. In about five minutes, I realize I’ve fallen back into my old habit of how to revise. I stop. I say shit. I go back to firmly indenting the character outline in my head and I go back to revising, only a few lines further down into this looong story. Repeat indefinitely.

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