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I decided to come back to the blog. But before I do that, I need to say why I left. The blog wasn’t interesting to me, period. So why would anyone read it?  And as a writer, I’m always trying to reach an audience. Over a year ago I knew I needed to take a few weeks off and wait for an idea.


When I talk to strangers, they seem most interested in me as a writer. So I should blog about that. Sounds simple enough. The actual day-to-day slog is me stuffing chopped words into a sausage of a story. The development of characters and ideas is the added beauty that makes the words sing.


Lately, what I’m thinking about is age. I’m not interested in writing YA fiction, but I am jealous because the age of the main character is defined. Pick an audience: say 8th grade. That defines the age and maturity of the protagonist. I’m trying to write for all adults. To reach the most of these readers I have to guess at the best age for my hero. Or I can ask you the reader: What’s the best age for a main character?


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