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In my opinion, Amazon hasn’t treated authors very well, or reviewers, or buyers. In short, anyone who isn’t the president of Amazon.

I’m changing the blog to a writer’s sketchbook as of 10 August 2016. I’m also open to suggestions for blog posts. I’ve also got a list of my favorite books on writing.

What I like best of all is to write fantasy stories. Mostly wizards, there’s something about a magic user that gets to me. I got a story published back in April, 2013, and it was a big deal for me. Someone actually paid me to write. So it’s two years later and I haven’t got another one published, yet. This isn’t toasting my bagel, but I’m also having a hard time making it a priority. I’ve got this novel going.

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I like to build things, generally of the wooden sort but I’ve also done masonry. I learned how to repair drywall after fighting with my brother when I was a teenager.

I joined¬† a social media site (Goodreads), but I’m not doing anything with it right now. I decided that I’m not the best person for social media due to my lack of motivation to be social. As Charlie would say, “He was as solitary as an oyster.”

Want to know what kind of diseases you can get from rodents?

Favorite quotes:

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, you can’t read because it’s too dark.”

“It was faster than finding a vein.”

“We got the head and torso, but not the legs. I’d call it a tie.”

“I went on a vodka diet, so far I’ve lost three days.”

“All you need to know is, everything is show biz.”

“People can be too cheesy, food cannot.”